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1. What is the replacement cycle for the sediment filter?

    1) We recommend replacing the sediment filter once every 2 to 3 months.

    2) When the discoloration (deep brown) on the outside of the sediment filter worsens, and when foreign substances accumulating in the filter cause a decrease in water pressure, you should replace the sediment filter.

    3) Since the condition of water pipes and the water supply system in every users' homes will vary, the replacement cycle may differ for each country or household.


    2. What is the lifespan of a Magnetized Counter-Spin Water Revitalizer (Magnet Filter)? And when is replacement necessary?

    1) In general, the lifespan of a magnet is 80 years. Magnetized Counter-Spin Water Revitalizer (Magnet Filter) can be used semi-permanently without the need for separate replacement.

    2) However, it will lose its magnetism when heated above 250ºC. Typically, household boilers are set to a maximum temperature of around 60ºC (±5ºC). Using water at temperatures below 60ºC in regular bathrooms or kitchens will not diminish or reduce the effectiveness of magnetized ion water.

    3) Therefore, using hot water in typical bathrooms or kitchens will not affect the lifespan of the magnet, so you can use it with confidence.


    3. The water stream comes out sideways instead of at a normal angle. Why is that?

    1) The microplate of the Poseion BT100 showerhead is comprised of 315 tiny holes, each measuring 0.2mm in size.

    2) During use, microbial growth in the water may cause some blockage in the holes, resulting in tilting or deviation from the normal angle. This can occur in any showerheads where water pressure increases.

    3) To resolve this issue, you can open the cap of the showerhead and scrub the front/back surfaces of the microplates with a brush (such as a toothbrush or other types of brushes) under running water.


    4. If the water pressure rises, won't it feel harsh for infants or toddlers?

    1) The biggest drawback of high pressure showerheads available in the market is that as water pressure water pressure rises, the force of the spray increases, which may inevitably feel harsh and uncomfortable on the skin.

    2) However, Poseion BT100 showerhead activates water particles finely through ionization and breaks down water clusters, resulting in a very gentle sensation when it touches the skin. Unlike typical high-pressure showers that can feel uncomfortably and harsh, your children and family will enjoy bathing pleasantly. However, the exact sensation of water may vary depending on skin conditions of infants and young children, as well as water pressure and bathroom environment.


    5. The water temperature coming from the showerhead feels low?

    1) The microplate attached to the showerhead consists of 315 tiny holes with a diameter of 0.2mm. The water stream passing through the showerhead becomes thin and slender, and moves through air at a high speed. As these very thin water streams move through space, it continues to come into contact with the cold air, which leads to a continual decrease in temperature.

    2) The water stream from the showerhead can cool down in temperature as it moves downward. Therefore, compared to the temperature of hot water from a regular showerhead that you were previously using, it is recommended to use a slightly higher temperature. Due to differences in usage conditions, the temperature you feel might vary, so adjusting to a higher temperature should be based on individual preferences and circumstances.


    6. Is it okay to drink the water coming from the showerhead?

    1) This showerhead is not designed for producing drinking water, so we do not recommend such use.

    2) Tap water undergoes chlorine treatment to ensure the water remains clean and uncontaminated as it travels from the water source to your household. Also, it can carry rust, microplastics, and suspended particles, including those that come through aging pipelines. The Poseion BT100 showerhead filters these impurities through a sediment filter.

    3) If you are particularly curious about the water quality, please contact your local Water Supply Division to request an inspection of the water quality in your home. We hope that you will refrain from drinking water that is not deemed suitable to drink, or if there is excessive presence of impurities indicating the water quality itself is not clean or safe for consumption.


    7. Where is the silicone ring on the shower head located?

    The silicone ring should be placed on top after inserting Magnetized Counter-Spin Water Revitalizer (Magnet Filter). It should not be inserted on the side of the Magnetized Counter-Spin Water Revitalizer (Magnet Filter).


    8.How much should I tighten when assembling BT100?

    Only tighten until the arrow-marked points on the showerhead and handle parts align. Please be cautious when assembling, as excessive tightening may cause product damage.


    9. Is it possible to download the product manual?

    Yes, please download using the link below.

      Download PDF